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Prevent and treat common running injuries

As any of you runners out there know, injuries are very easy to pick up and can easily put you back weeks, if not months, in your training. Here’s a lowdown of the most common injuries, how to prevent them … Continue reading

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Budget-busting workout solutions

As I write this I’m looking out onto a glorious Bristol basking in the sunshine. Summer is inching ever closer, bringing with it thoughts of holidays, bikinis and less forgiving outfits. If like many people in the current climate, your … Continue reading

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Week 3: Dry, cold and lost

I’m so tired I can barely remember yesterday, let alone last week, week 3 of my ‘proper’ (i.e. actually making an effort to run a decent distance rather than pootle along with my friend gossiping about clothes/husbands/recent nights out) training. … Continue reading

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Running diary week 2: The wetter, the better?

Well, last week was a bit of a disaster so I’m not going to dwell on it too much. Having suffered from a nasty flu bug over Christmas, I think I tried to get back into running too soon and … Continue reading

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The beginning…

Today is Monday. Yesterday marked 8 weeks until my first half marathon-eek! (incidentally my auto-spell just changed that to elf marathon. That sounds much more fun, can I do that instead please?). Let me start by saying that until 11 … Continue reading

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