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First aid when back pain strikes

When back pain strikes, take the right action in the early stages and you can increase your chances of returning to normal activities quickly. 90% Of back pain sufferers will recover in 6 weeks. There are a number of steps … Continue reading

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Functional exercise and back pain: how can it help?

Strong muscles are the key to spinal health. The muscles surrounding the spine act as its support system. To use an analogy, imagine a tall building surrounded by scaffolding, with the building representing the spine and the scaffolding representing the … Continue reading

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5 Ways to avoid back pain in pregnancy

Back pain is common during pregnancy, with around 70% of pregnant women experiencing it at some point. Hormonal changes cause ligaments to become more relaxed which can be a contributing factor to back pain.  The weight of the growing baby … Continue reading

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DIY Back Pain Relief

80% Of the population will suffer from back pain at some stage in their life and we spend £565 million each year on associated private healthcare.  The good news is, 90% of back pain will go away on its own within … Continue reading

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