Budget-busting workout solutions

As I write this I’m looking out onto a glorious Bristol basking in the sunshine. Summer is inching ever closer, bringing with it thoughts of holidays, bikinis and less forgiving outfits.

If like many people in the current climate, your budget doesn’t stretch to a regular gym subsription, fear not, there is plenty you can do to exercise your body without damaging the purse strings.

Outdoor workouts
More and more personal trainers and group exercise instructors are now taking their classes outdoors. Most charge on a pay-as-you-go basis which are often very reasonable as their own overheads are reduced by using free, local spaces. If you are in the Bristol area, try Calon PT at Victoria Park and Greville Smythe Park or British Military Fitness on the Downs.

Get running
Running is great exercise and, bar your kit, is completely free. If you’ve not run before, start slowly with a walk/jog programme, for example intervals of jogging for 1 minute and walking for 3 minutes. Gradually increase the jogs and decrease the walks as the weeks go on until you can run comfortably without stopping.

Mew Mum? Take your baby along
Loads of trainers now take Mums out for buggy fit classes where you walk or jog with the buggy and stop at intervals for circuit-style exercises. In Bristol, we have Buggy Buddies, The Mummy Workout and Buggy Fit

Get on your bike
Check the National Cycle Network for traffic-free routes, quiet roads and themed long-distance routes near you. Don’t let fear of traffic or under-confidence put you off, we have some beautiful cycleways in Britain. As long as you have a bike, it won’t cost a penny and you’ll get to experience great scenery. Oh, and if that’s not enough, check for ‘refreshment’ stops along the way and treat yourself to a spot of lunch (or cheeky glass of wine) en route.

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