5 Reasons to train with a friend

1. You’re more likely to do it. If you’ve pre-arranged to meet someone, not wanting to let them down will put you off pulling out last minute.

2. It’ll make the time pass faster. If you have someone to chat to, especially if you run outdoors, the minutes will fly by as your mind is taken off the task at hand. You just need to have enough puff to talk and exercise at the same time!

3. It’s more motivating. You can encourage each other and give each other a push when the going gets tough.

4. You get to indulge in some healthy competition. Most of us enjoy a bit of light hearted competition. Who can lose more inches? Who can run the furthest? Trying to get one better will push you each a bit further each time.

5. You’re more likely to see results. Quite simply, each of the above points leads to an increased likelihood of achieving your goals.

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