Busy, busy, busy

Wow, I’d better apologise for the silence on this blog for the last few weeks. We have been busier than ever over the last 6 weeks. This is largely due to the Groupon promotion we’ve been running and also historically this is a pretty busy time for us anyway.

In February alone we did 19 consultations, 110 spinal rehab sessions and a whopping 100 sports massages. We gained 10 new clients in February, 6 as a result of Groupon. That’s 6% of the clients we saw during the month who came in with one of the vouchers. A pretty good return in just a month and we hope many more will come back to see us in future months.

To say we’ve been manic since the end of January would be a huge understatement. We’ve been receiving up to 30 phone calls a day. As Andy, Carolyn and I are fully booked at the moment, we need to have the answering service on for a chunk of the day so in between clients we’re also frantically trying to call people back as to not miss anyone.

We’ve also been quite busy ‘backstage’ this month. We’re working with espace solutions on the development of a new website. It’ll be a lot more user-friendly and will include lots of extras which our current site doesn’t have. It’ll be up here soon.

We’ve also contributed to an online piece written by Suzi Dixon in the Telegraph Expat Health section. It’s all about back health on long-haul flights and how to ward off an attack when travelling. Read it here.

With all of this going on the poor blog and Twitter feed have been neglected. Fear not, dear readers, I promise to keep some time aside each day to bring you the latest in health and fitness and lots more tips and information on how to keep your back in top condition.

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