4.5 Miles to go and I’m there!

Ok, admission time. I’ve not posted my training diary for a few weeks. work has been so busy do to a recent promotion we’ve had go out. As a result, I’m now working weekends and as I need to be in work earlier and leave later, I can’t run in any more.

Also, I’ve had no time to write my training log so just to briefly get you up to speed on the last few weeks, I’ve done well. I’ve had some good days and some bad days but the good are outweighing the bad.

I’m now up at 8.5 miles-whoo! I can run the distance in 85 minutes which is excellent (for me!) and if I manage to run the half at that pace, I’ll come in at 2h10m which would be amazing.

Sunday was a real turning point. myself and the 2 friends I’m running the half with ran from my house in Longwell Green to Bath via the Bristol to Bath Railway Path. It was early, it was cold and it was wet. Everything should have been against us but it was such an easy run. My breathing was steady and besides a minor twinge in my Achilles I felt none of the aches and pains which have been ever-present the last few weeks.

The route is lovely and flat, and best of all (probably due to the horrendous weather conditions) it was quiet. We probably met 5 cyclists and a handful of runners along the way. I was, however, glad of the presence of the other 2 when one said ‘oh, it’s like something from Silent Witness here’ as we passed through a creepy, deserted, damp waterside tunnel. My GPS wasn’t picking up a signal so we had no idea of our distance throughout but as I was finding it so easy I figured we were running slower than usual and as it took us about 85 minutes to get in I thought we’d done roughly 7 miles.

After a Costa Coffee stop our lifts back arrived and I said to Andy on the way back that I felt I hadn’t had much of a workout. After running for an hour and a half I find this incredible, especially when I remember that a year ago I could barely run for 5 minutes. After a wonderful warm shower to warm my bones I headed to mapmyrun to plot the route and see how far we’d done. To my surprise it was 8 miles!

This gave me a massive lift. An amazing feeling to have run 8 miles so easily. Suddenly everything is falling into place and I’m feeling confident about the half for the first time. Yesterday was my 85 minute 8.5 mile run and I’m feeling ready, prepared and fit for the 13.1 miles. Bring on the 10 mile run this weekend!

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2 Responses to 4.5 Miles to go and I’m there!

  1. Guy says:

    Hey, well done on the 8 mile run… When is the 13.1 going to be ?? I was wondering if you listened to music while you ran ?? Because I’m currently working with a company called AudioFuel that create custom composed music designed especially to help people that run. They even have some voice over coaching to help keep up motivation. We offer different programs depending on your ability. The programs are just downloaded as MP3 tracks and then played on any MP3 players (not just iPods).

    There is a free trial available from http://www.audiofuel.co.uk/free-running-music.html

    I would be more than happy to help if you have any questions or would like to know a bit more about AudioFuel or their products.

    I can be contacted on guy@audiofuel.co.uk

    I hope you will be able to start running into work again soon…


    • Hi Guy,

      Thanks for the link-I’ll certainly check it out. I mostly run with a friend and we chat as we’re running (until it becomes impossible!) so don’t liten to music unless I’m on my own, which I’m doing a bit more of.

      Did the half last weekend-got there in 2:15 which I’m really pleased with for a first effort 🙂

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