Week 3: Dry, cold and lost

I’m so tired I can barely remember yesterday, let alone last week, week 3 of my ‘proper’ (i.e. actually making an effort to run a decent distance rather than pootle along with my friend gossiping about clothes/husbands/recent nights out) training.

Let me see, I started the week with a wet but successful 5 miles into work. It’s mostly downhill, it felt good and it gave me some enthusiasm which has sadly been lacking of late.

2 Days later I met my running buddy. We run around an area she’s unfamiliar with and I’m not much more clued up but am getting to know it better as the weeks go on and as a result am in charge of our route. Spurred on by my last good run and feeling adventurous (read: cocky) I decided to take us in a new direction. Mistake. Big mistake. over 4 miles in with 10 minutes to go before we’re due to collect our children from the crèche at the gym, we find ourselves pretty lost. ‘It’s fine’, she says, being altogether way too polite when I know she knows we’re probably miles from the gym, and will need to run at the speed of lightning to get back on time.

All I can say is that there are certain benefits which come from being restricted on time. We powered back, eventually found ourselves back on familiar territory with the help of the map on my iPhone. Coming in at over 5 miles in roughly 50 minutes, we covered more miles than we otherwise would have and a better pace. exhausted and red in the face, we collected our charges just in the nick of time.

Saturday morning I was all set for a 7-mile adventure. On my own this time, I set of at a good 10 minute mile pace, shivering against the cold. It was a freezing morning and I was jumping over icy puddles and, careful to avoid an ankle injury, zigzagging past rock solid mud as I passed through the woods. An adventure indeed!

I have never in my life run more than 7 miles. It seems that psychologically this got the better of me and, after keeping my constant steady pace for 6 miles I found myself stop-starting to the end (or beginning: They’re both the same thing). A touch disappointed but pleased that I’d done the full 7 miles I came back an hour and 12 minutes after I set off. Altogether a good time for me, tough as it was. Onward to week 4!

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2 Responses to Week 3: Dry, cold and lost

  1. Joanna says:

    Sounds like you’re doing great! I know that feeling of never having run a certain distance before. I hadn’t run 13 miles before my first half and I don’t think I’d run the full 10k before the actual race either. All so exciting. I’ve never run with anyone else but I can imagine that it’s probably more motivating and gives you a faster time as well. Your timings sound pretty spot on – good luck!

    • Thanks, Jo. I’m pretty happy with how it’s going but still find the first 2 or 3 miles very hard psychologically. Running with a friend definitely helps, though we do run slower as we chat the whole way round! We’re doing the half together but I’ve been told you often run faster on the day so let’s see.

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