The beginning…

Today is Monday. Yesterday marked 8 weeks until my first half marathon-eek! (incidentally my auto-spell just changed that to elf marathon. That sounds much more fun, can I do that instead please?).

Let me start by saying that until 11 months ago I had never run for more than 10 minutes. It hurt and I hated it. I have worked in the fitness industry for 10 years (wow, writing that down makes me feel very old) and though I have always maintained a good level of fitness, running has always, for me, been a tough nut to crack.

That is until last February when I found myself with 2 small children, very limited time and even more limited childcare. I’d given birth 7 months previously and was keen to regain that little part of me that had been missing since before my pregnancy. I wanted time for myself and needed to feel fit and healthy again. Running seemed the obvious solution. I could squeeze in a run before my husband went to work, get some fresh air and lose a bit of baby belly in the process.

My first run lasted 5 minutes. I still remember the jubilation I felt when I was able to go for 10 minutes non-stop. As the weeks flew by I did a little more each time and it gradually crept up to 30 minutes. To say I was over the moon at this point would be a huge understatement. I never imagined I’d be able to run for that long, let alone enjoy it. What I didn’t count on until this point was how hooked I’d become. I proceeded to enter a 10k race in the summer and surprised myself by completing it in 56 minutes. Yay me!

So, here I find myself. Keen to up the stakes I entered the Bath Half Marathon. Up until now my running has been trundling along, a 3 and 5 mile run in the week with a longer 6 miles on the weekend. Ive been doing quite nicely with that, thank you very much, now all of a sudden, Christmas is over and, what? 8 weeks you say? Uh-oh, it’s really hapenning and serious training must commence tout suite!

Over the next 8 weeks I’ll be posting the highs and lows of my training. The good, the bad, the cold and the downright painful runs as I clock up the miles.

Wish me luck, I have a feeling I’ll need all the encouragement I can get…

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2 Responses to The beginning…

  1. proudpatriot07 says:

    You can do it! I just ran my first half on Saturday. Granted, I haven’t had kids, and I’ve been running for a few years (off and on, but on for the past year)… but everyone faces their own challenges. If you can already run 6, and you have 8 weeks to go until the half, then you’re doing great! As long as you can do 10-11, you’re fine- trust me the adrenaline is very real toward the end :). And believe me, when you finish no one will care if you walked part of it or what your time was… bc you’ll be a half marathoner!


    • Thank you for your (much needed) words of encouragement 🙂 Just read your latest post, well done on your first half! I very much look forward to making a similar post (with a similar time? Feeling optimistic today) in 2 months time

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