How many calories do you want for Christmas?

I read a statistic at my gym yesterday that the average person consumes a whopping 7000 calories on Christmas day. Now, I know that, come the festive season, we do tend to throw caution (and the diet) to the wind when it comes to indulging in our favourite treats but 7000 calories?  

After a bit of investigation I’ve discovered that it’s probably not actually that much but it is a gut-busting 2-3 days worth in one shot.

Here’s how it all adds up…


In our house we always like to make breakfast a bit more special on Christmas day, as do alot of people.  Bacon sarnies, poached eggs on toast and scrambled eggs and smoked salmon are all popular choices.  These can provide from 400-600 calories.  Add some orange juice or (even better!) bucks fizz and that’s at least another 100 to add.


Here’s a quick breakdown of how many calories your average Christmas Dinner will contain:
Turkey 149
Roast potatoes 127
Roast parsnips 102
Boiled sprouts 32
Boiled carrots 15
Red cabbage 20
Stuffing 231
Cranberry sauce 45
Gravy 120
Pigs in blankets 200
Half a bottle of wine 320
Xmas pud with custard & brandy butter 587
Giving a grand total of 1948!

Now, add all the extras many of us enjoy on the day…

2 glasses of Baileys 260
10 Quality Street chocs 443
2 Mince pies and cream 736
Cheese and biscuits 394
Christmas cake 249
Chocolate log 102
Cheese straws 156

If your Christmas eating looks a bit like this then you can expect to consume almost 5000 calories on the day. Looking at the earlier figure of 7000 this looks positively healthy but, considering the recommendations of 2000 a day for women and 2500 a day for men, this is the mother of overindulgences.

The average person gains 5lbs over the Christmas period. Now, I’m all for a treat and it’s good for the soul to enjoy one occasionally but if you’d like tips on staying healthy over the festive season including healthier food choices and exercise tips to re-balance the calorie scales then keep posted, I’ll be offering advice over the coming weeks.

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