5 Ways to avoid back pain in pregnancy

Back pain is common during pregnancy, with around 70% of pregnant women experiencing it at some point.

Hormonal changes cause ligaments to become more relaxed which can be a contributing factor to back pain.  The weight of the growing baby pulling your lower spine forwards combined with a changing centre of gravity affects posture, creating extra strain on your low back.

There are measures you can take to ease the pain or, better still, prevent its onset:

1.  If you’re trying for a baby, make sure you stay physically fit and active.  Enrol on a Pilates course or similar to give your core strength a good base to help carry a baby.

2.  Avoid heavy lifting and apply good technique if you do need to lift.  Activate your core muscles, bend from the knees and keep a neutral spine.

3.  Wear a support belt.  This can be a saviour in the later stages of pregnancy when your bump is getting very heavy.

4.  Sleep on your side with a pillow underneath your bump.  This will stop the bump pulling on your spine as you sleep.

5.  Go for a swim.  I found this particularly helpful in the later stages of both my pregnancies as the water takes the weight of the bump, providing very welcome relief.  It’s also a great way to keep your fitness going throughout pregnancy.

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