Healthy, low-fat meals part 1:Breakfast

People who eat breakfast regularly are less likely to be overweight.  Fact.  Also, research shows that children who eat a good breakfast perform better at school and have less behavioural problems.  Start your day well, teach your children good habits and try some of these yummy (and healthy!) breakfast ideas.


Ok, ok, I know it sounds boring but try ‘pimping your porridge’ with fruit, honey or seeds.  A 50g portion of porridge oats with 125ml of semi skimmed milk is enough as an adult size portion and will provide around 250cals.  Why not add some sliced banana, some dried cranberries or raisins to add a bit of sweetness?  Oats release energy slowly, avoiding a sugar dip mid-morning and the fibre is great for digestive health.  Also, by adding fruit, you’ll be one step closer to your 5-a-day.

Boiled eggs and wholemeal toast

Here’s a great one for the kids.  Don’t think that you won’t be able to do this before work; for a soft boiled egg you only need boil it for about 3 minutes.  With a slice of wholmeal or granary bread this will provide about 300 cals.  The eggs are rich in protein which fills you up and they contain important amino acids which the body cannot produce itself.  The toast will provide that all-important fibre.

Home-made muesli

Feel uninspired by boring, bland cardboard muesli you find in the shops?  Why not make your own?  It’s fun, cheaper, will contain less sugar and you won’t find yourself picking out all the bits you don’t like (or is that just me?).  Start with porridge oats as your base then add some bran or wheatgerm, dried fruit, chopped nuts, seeds, cinnamon, the list is endless.  Make a batch and then you’ll have enough for the week.

Healthy cooked breakfast

As a weekend treat, try a low-fat, low-cholesterol version of the British classic.  Poach an egg, grill a rasher of bacon with the fat trimmed, have half a small can of low-sugar baked beans and grill a tomato.  Round it off with with a slice of wholemeal toast and voila, a low fat brekkie coming in at around 400 cals.  The egg, bacon and beans provide your protein, you get your fibre from the toast and the tomato will give you one of your 5-a-day (but is it fruit or veg?).

Wholemeal toasted bagel and cream cheese

Most shops now do wholemeal bagels (I particularly like Sainsbury’s ones).  Toast it, pop a bit of low-fat Philly on and you’re done.  Around 400cals for this one.

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