3 Ways to burn off an Easter egg-do it this week!

After the initial all-encompassing joy at the prospect of a four-day weekend, followed by the mother of all sugar highs, you’ll be forgiven for feeling less than enthusiastic about the forthcoming week after Easter. I can’t help with your post-holiday come down but I can help ease those guilty feelings we all seem to get after a holiday when, at the time, stuffing a whole Dairy Milk egg AND the two accompanying Dairy Milk bars seemed like such a good idea.

An average Easter egg, with it’s additional choccie treats comes in at around 1000 calories (if you weren’t feeling guilty before, you probably are now, sorry). Here are 3 ways to burn off an Easter egg. Give it a go and who knows, you may be able to polish off the rest of your stash guilt-free.

1. Run for 1hour 20mins. Ok, before you fall off your chair at the prospect of running for that time, don’t panic. Simply break it down into 4 easy to manage runs over the week.

2. Book yourself in for 2 aerobics classes. The average high-impact arobics class burns around 500 cals so get your leg warmers on an really go for it for maximum effect.

3. Go for a walk. Walking at 3mph burns around 300 cals. Pray for some good weather and get out and make the most of the lighter evenings 3 times this week. Better still, don your wellies and get out in the countryside for a few hours. The undulating hills will mean greater calorie expenditure so head for the hills, get muddy and look forward to the lovely glow you’ll get from being out in the fresh air.

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